Poker Stars Pros

Poker Stars ( offers its clients a wide array of poker rooms to choose from. As they are one of the most popular poker sites worldwide, there are many different skill levels to choose from. Whether you are a micro- or a high-stakes player, this site will have the game that best suits you.

Poker Stars also happens to have one of the best bonus structures for those of us that crave free money. Upon initial deposit, you can receive up to $600 in bonus cash. This site also offers periodic reload bonuses; this is a great way to keep their current players loyal to the site.

What separates Poker Stars from their competition is that they give you the ability to design your own poker room. Dubbed as “home games,” these rooms allow you to select just who you want to have access to the game you create. This is a unique opportunity to customize your poker playing experience, thus making it even more enjoyable.

Endorsed by professional poker player Daniel Negreanu, this site is the world’s largest online poker site. Averaging over 150,000 players at any given time, it is not uncommon for Poker Stars to have more than 5,000 tournaments running at once. With a selection like this, you are guaranteed to find the most profitable game for your skill level. They offer the traditional Texas Hold ‘Em as well as Omaha, seven card stud, razz, and draw poker games. If you are like most players, you will want to master as many different types of poker as possible in order to increase your winnings. Poker Stars allows you to do this wonderfully.