Speculating Your Hand

A speculative hand can be defined as a hand of marginal value that may or may not be completed based upon the remaining available cards. Furthermore, a speculative hand may not necessarily be the top hand even if it is completed. Because of this, these hands need to be approached with more caution than usual.

An example of this type of hand can be found when you have mid-sized suited connectors; we will look at 7-8 suited. This might have the potential to become a big hand as there is always the possibility of a straight flush, but the odds of having the pure nuts with this hand are very slim. Even if you do hit a straight or a flush, there is a chance that your opponents might have a better straight or flush since these cards are generally lower than the cards that most good players will play.

So how do you play a hand like this at PokerStars.net? For one, you should usually only play these hands in late position since you will need to fold these cards right away if there is a large raise. Secondly, you will want to play these cards only sparingly since they will lose more often than they will win. If you can see a flop for just the big blind and you think that you can win a hand if nothing hits and you place a well-timed bluff or semi-bluff, go ahead and play it. This means that your opponents need to be tighter than the average opponent. Only in this situation will playing a hand like this be appropriate. You want to stand as many chances of winning as possible. Tight players will throw away marginal hands that don’t hit in this situation.